A real treat is in store today with Partnership to Success: building your very first squeeze page!

Squeeze pages, in case you don’t know, are landing pages aimed at capturing subscribers to your email list, usually by offering a free gift in exchange.

For our training today, John uses the same lead magnet he offered us on Day Eight as an example. Eventually, of course, you will want to replace this with your own offerings.

An additional benefit of today’s training is that you get to browse the array of page designs and layouts offered by your OptimizePress plugin. I suggest you spend some time examining the different possibilities, making some mental notes of which might be suitable for your site in the future.

As an added bonus, the end of the day presents you with some free traffic training, courtesy of John’s associate, Aidan Corkery. It’s quite a long presentation, so you may wish to come back to it when you have more time.

One note of caution: whether you end up buying the additional product offered by Aidan is up to you. Personally, I prefer to focus on the program I have already paid for before I start adding extras. But that’s just me. You may want to start scooping up great offers the minute they are available!

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