Hello, my name is Duncan Whitmore, and I extend you the warmest welcome to my site.

Having worked for many years in finance, and lately as a freelance writer, I am eager to begin this new chapter by launching my first venture into the world of online marketing.

Actually, I tell a lie – it’s not quite the first! I happened to have tried my hand at affiliate marketing back in the days of ancient, internet history (that’s 2006!).

In case you don’t know, affiliate marketing is the method everyone thinks is easy because you never have to have a product to sell. Instead, you earn a commission by directing customers to online merchants.

Why did I give up, you might ask? Well, as a self-confessed technophobe, every task seemed so manual, so tedious and just so damn difficult back then. Plus my attention was lured away by other opportunities too glittering for an easily distracted guy in his early twenties to ignore!

But in spite of shutting up shop, you may be surprised to know that I did, in fact, make some money! So after earning the princely sum of – wait for it – $400 over several months, I at least begin my second voyage across this ocean knowing, first-hand, that it is quite possible to earn an income online.

A little older and, I hope, a little wiser than I was back then, I today find myself especially lucky to be in the company of John Thornhill through his Partnership to Success program. In any line of accomplishment, a successful, experienced mentor is an indispensable guide along one’s own path of progress. I would be delighted for you to join us by following my journey through this site.

What am I looking forward to the most? That’s a tough question, as there is so much for me to get stuck into! As an experienced content creator who enjoys writing, I am certainly eager to produce as much of my own material for my products as I can.

But if I have to choose just one thing that I await with anticipation, then it would have to be this:

To open an email bearing words of thanks from my first satisfied customer.

Nothing will please me more than to see my small efforts in this big world making real improvements to someone’s life.

In my spare time, I am interested in current affairs and business/investment, while I (attempt to!) go to the gym several times a week. I also enjoy good food and wine (I cook all my meals from scratch), plus I read a lot of nerdy books too. A circulating rumor suggests that I play the piano from time to time.

P.S. Want to know more about how I am learning to succeed? Then be sure to sign up for your free webinar.

Last Updated: May 2023