Day Ten of Partnership to Success is another relatively straightforward day. All you have to do is listen to an hour-long presentation from John, accompanied by his colleague, Randy Smith, entitled Winning the Email Marketing Wars.

Building and marketing to a list of subscribers and customers is often the cornerstone of any successful online business, so I was really looking forward to sitting down and hearing what John and Randy have to say.

Among the topics they manage to pack into just sixty minutes are:

  • When to start emailing;
  • Ensuring delivery;
  • Subject lines that will entice your readers to open each email;
  • Frequency of emailing;
  • The format and layout of your emails, together with some helpful tools;
  • How to conduct a proper email campaign;
  • Building a relationship with your subscribers.

Make sure you take plenty of notes – all of this valuable knowledge you will need from the very first day you succeed in signing up a subscriber to your list!

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