My third day of Partnership to Success was, I’m pleased to say, very easy – just one video to watch on essential blogging techniques!

This training was the icing on the cake from Day Two’s homework, which was to read The Blogger’s Roadmap – an excellent, detailed blogging blueprint.

John and his colleague, Randy Smith, deliver the training personally through a series of slides. Among the topics they cover are:

  • The importance of blogging to your online success
  • Keeping your blog updated
  • Ideas for producing awesome content that will grab attention
  • Encouraging reader engagement
  • Why you should interact with the blogs of other marketers
  • Managing comments and feedback

Plus a whole lot more!

With Days One and Two each having been so busy, today it felt good to just sit back while absorbing some important lessons. Don’t forget to take notes though, as you’ll be needing them for tomorrow when you create your first, detailed blog post!

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