The super-affiliates don't want you to read this - but I just have to tell you the truth. If you've been struggling with affiliate marketing then you need to read this report.

Today in Partnership to Success, we are covering some preparatory tasks ready for creating our product.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Acquiring a domain name for our product’s website
  • Adding the domain name to our hosting package
  • Installing WordPress on our new site
  • Activating OptimizePress
  • Ordering product graphics

Now, personally, I find it a little odd that all of these steps are being done before we have even started creating the product in question.

In fact, for one simple reason, these are all tasks I am more likely to do after my product is fully complete:

I have not yet settled on a product name, and am unlikely to do so until that product is nearly finished!

As I mentioned in Day Fifteen, I am not totally on-board with John’s top-down way of working through product creation. He is, however, flexible enough to realize that his order of doing things may not work for everyone.

So if John’s way of working is suitable for you, then you may be able to get today’s stages done right now instead of later. I myself, however, will revisit them once the substance of my product is nearing completion.

A note of caution: this doesn’t mean that we should all feel free to pick and choose which elements of the Partnership to Success program we follow and which we do not! John and his partners are, after all, the experts here, and so we should follow their advice to the letter as much as we can.

But when it comes to the more creative elements of the process, we are all different, and so you have to proceed in the ways that are best for you.

Obviously, if you do decide to come back to some tasks later, then set yourself a reminder so that you don’t forget!

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