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An Internet Marketer's Journal: April 13th 2024

The Ongoing Marketing Escapades of Duncan Whitmore

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I'm sorry...

I know I've always promised to not get too promotional in these weekly journal updates...

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I Didn't Want to Have to Do This

This week, I had to request a refund on a product I purchased.

The problem: a simple access issue with a software upgrade.

This kind of thing happens from time to time. You pay your money to upgrade, but for whatever reason, you don't get automatic access to any new features.

Fixing it should be simple, requiring only a manual adjustment to a user's access privileges on the vendor's system.

Or, at least, that is what has happened in the past.

But not with the vendor with whom I have been dealing recently.

For some reason, I had to go through more than two weeks of back-and-forth emails, during which I tried setting up alternative accounts while providing him with all of the login information.

Nothing worked, although most of the delay was caused by the fact that it took him days to reply to each of my emails.

I finally reached the end of my tether when this vendor asked for my passwords to the accounts I had created.

I told him that if he couldn't grant me access to my upgraded package by the end of the week, then he should refund me.

To his credit, he refunded me the same day without any further ado.

The lessons...

Needless to say, this was not the ideal outcome. I actually wanted this upgrade, and now I have to make do without it.

Especially irritating, however, is that it all seems avoidable - especially for a vendor who claims that his methods earn him thousands of dollars a month.

So here is some simple advice if you are selling, or are planning to sell, software products: 

1. Get the basics right. You cannot expect people to believe that your software does magical things if you cannot fix a simple access issue.

2. Have a user management system. You should have the ability to both see and manually adjust the access privileges of each of your users. Failing to grant access to features for which a customer has paid is one of the worst things a vendor can do. You need the ability to fix that with a click of your mouse.

3. Never ask for passwords. There are no circumstances under which a user should have to disclose their password. If you need to log in to a customer's account, then you should be able to do so as an admin user. Again, this is just another basic feature that a system should have. Remember also that a customer may use the same password to access multiple systems. Asking them to give you that password is a security risk.

4. Run a proper helpdesk, and reply promptly. This applies to all vendors and affiliates. Stop using your fricking Gmail address to manage customer queries. Invest a few dollars in setting up a proper helpdesk facility that issues numbered tickets for each query while prioritizing each customer's problem.

*   *   *   *   *

That's it for another week. Hopefully, next week there won't be anything I have to rant about.

May your efforts in the week ahead, however modest, bring you just that little bit closer to achieving your online dreams! 

*   *   *   *   *

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Affiliate Marketing Done For You

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"Affiliate Marketing DONE FOR YOU"

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"Affiliate Marketing DONE FOR YOU"

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The Master Affiliate Profits Course Contents

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