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Just another quick update on my progress with launching my first digital product through Partnership to Success with John Thornhill.

I’ve experienced something of a delay owing to the fact that the final part of my backend product wasn’t really fitting well with the rest of the product. As such, I decided to detach it and turn it into an “Advanced Module” which will be offered for sale after the rest of the product.

In other words, my sales funnel of two products is now a sales funnel of three.

However, this has meant having to create more graphics, another sales page, and another set of bonuses. I also decided to create a second members’ area for the last two products. Combining all three products into one area simply wasn’t working.

Fortunately, it is now all nearing completion so I am, finally, entering the last stages of the program.

Another thing I have managed to do is to set up a helpdesk facility for my customers (which took me the best part of two days to configure!), as well as tidied up the sales pages and members’ areas.  There’ll also be more checking to ensure that everything is working and that all the links are pointing to right places at the very end!

So, once again, things are taking longer than expected – but we are getting there. And the good thing is that once all of this is in place it should just be a question of reusing the templates for future product launches, which, as a result, should be much quicker!

Check back soon!

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