Another short update on my journey through the Partnership to Success program.

It’s taking me some time to source a very important aspect needed for my sales page: testimonials. As of yet, only one person from the Partnership to Success Facebook group has offered, so I’ll need to work a bit harder to get the four or five I need!

Anyhow, while that has been going on in the background, I have made a start with the remainder of the program. Afterall, there is no point in wasting time!

And this last part is probably the most important aspect of the program there is – and certainly the one with which I am the least familiar:

Creating a JV (Joint Venture) page for my product.

This will be where potential affiliates can view the details of my product, sign up as an affiliate, and download some awesome promotional tools and resources I am creating for them.

Why is this page the most important part of Partnership to Success? Because I need affiliates and JVs to promote my product for me! Without them I simply won’t be able to drive as much traffic during my product launch as I otherwise would.

That’s why I am taking this task very seriously – more seriously than the sales page which the public will see. So I expect this to take a few weeks of work to ensure that I am going above and beyond.

Once again, thanks for checking in and I look forward to bringing you another update in the near future!

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