As online marketers of information products, written content is our bread and butter.

Sure, we can provide information in other formats too, such as audio and video. But the task of generating your leads – not to mention adding value for your customers – will always revolve around the written word.

Expert writing, however, comes naturally to very few of us.

Some of you may be able to sit down at your keyboard before tapping out a prize-winning piece of copy within minutes. Others may end up staring at a blank screen for hours.

Most of you, however, likely fall somewhere in the middle. You manage to create a post or article that is okay, bearing all of the ideas you wish to convey. But somehow, it just lacks any sparkle – that magic touch that transforms a plodding narrative into an enjoyable stroll through the sunshine.

This is where I can step in to help you.

My specialization is in informative article writing, with the flexibility to create original, engaging content for different purposes and targeted audiences. Whether you are searching for words that are persuasive, entertaining, amusing, or any combination, my aim is to capture the interest of your readers in your website or blog that will keep them coming back for more.

Needless to say, if you are looking for much longer pieces, then I’d be delighted to author for you eBooks, guides and manuals – the very products that often form the core of an online business.

I am especially keen to tailor our partnership to a process that suits your specific needs, ensuring that the final outcome exceeds your expectations:

– Briefing and Discussion
– Research (if required)
– Drafting
– Progress Updates (for longer term projects)
– Revisions
– Delivery

Should you be eager to transform your copy into first class material, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me:

Remember also that we may not need to start from scratch. Simple editing, proof-reading or redrafting may be quite enough to transform your existing content from the average to the brilliant within minutes.

In fact, you may just want a second pair of eyes to glance over what you have. Even the very best of writers should always seek a review of their work.

Whatever your needs and preferences, I look forward to discussing your projects with you before delivering with success the content you desire.

Some comments on recent work:

“Duncan completed a wonderful job – despite the fluid timescale we had. He not only did an amazing job with what was requested, but his attention to detail helped me complete an even greater job with my website than I planned.
I would love to work with him again and would like to recommend him to anyone who needs copywriting.”

“Competent, professional and dedicated freelancer. He’s one of the most competent and most professional freelancers on the platform.”

“Thank you Duncan, this is an excellent article. The new management on this site has certainly upped the bar on […] authors!”

“This is really a great article, so insightful and articulate.”

“This is an inspiring article proposing a very thoughtful approach on the subject, congratulations.”

“An excellent article, Duncan. Thank you. I wish I could have given six stars!”

“This is a really great article, especially in its composition with an economy of expression that really expresses an insightful and objective perspective.”

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