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An Internet Marketer's Journal: June 1st, 2024

The Ongoing Marketing Escapades of Duncan Whitmore

Well, it's another week already, and we've hit June! So if 2024 is when you want to get your affiliate marketing business on track, then you have just over half the year left!

It's been another busy week in which I've been continuing a lot of hard work on my traffic projects. Most of these are nearing completion, and I will be excited to share the results of these within the coming weeks.

For now, I just want to address a question one of you asked me this week:

Why don't I get involved in big product launches?

Why, instead, do I promote "older" programs or the same thing for weeks at a time?

Well, there are three answers I can give you.

First, it's not entirely true to say that I never promote product launches. I do so if I know and trust the vendor, and the product seems to me to be genuinely useful to you.

Which leads me onto my second reason...

I only wish to promote things that I know can add value to your own affiliate marketing efforts. And for the most part, that means promoting tried and tested products that have been proven to work.

Indeed, absolutely everything that I promote to you - for instance, on my resources page - is either something that I use myself or, at the very least, is recommended by a trusted associate.

Another important aspect in this regard is that most of the products I show you are complementary. You can pretty much use all of them together to build your business. You don't have to choose between one or the other.

This reflects an important lesson I learned early on: that you need to pick one or two mentors or programs and stick with them.

Strategies take time to see results, and so you must dedicate yourself to one project at a time in order to see each of them through to completion.

Constant product launches, on the other hand, tempt you to do the precise opposite. The barrage of glittering offers from umpteen marketers leads you to different solutions from different vendors with different philosophies and different ways of doing things.

The result is that you could spend a lot of money on products with no clear foundation or direction as to how you should use them to build your business.

This is also why I promote things for a long period of time at evergreen prices. I won't just promote something for a week and then forget about it.

For the past few months, for instance, my primary promotion has been Master Affiliate Profits (MAP), which you can still jump onboard at the launch price for a little while longer.

In fact, I expect to be promoting it for the rest of the year after it moves to a free sign-up, because I know it is a great program crafted by true professionals that will work for you.

The third and final reason is that marketing my own training products will soon be the backbone of my business. In fact, I already have 95% of an affiliate marketing course completed, which I intend to launch before the end of the year. 

The reason for this is simple: I want to offer you something unique that I have put effort into, teeming with knowledge of affiliate strategies that I have personally used myself to get results.  

I'd much rather do that than cram your inbox with the same promotion as every other marketer during a big product launch.

To be clear, I am not denigrating all product launches. I will partake in one if I think the product in question adds value for you.

But I absolutely refuse to promote something that isn't a good fit - even if it will sell well and even if it is a good product in the abstract.

I suggest you replicate this attitude with your own audience.

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Affiliate Marketing Done For You

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"Affiliate Marketing DONE FOR YOU"

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"Affiliate Marketing DONE FOR YOU"

The Master Affiliate Profits Course Contents






The Master Affiliate Profits Course Contents

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