This next phase of Partnership to Success covers more than a week’s worth of training, and is devoted to creating the sales page for your product.

Needless to say, the sales page is one of the most critical elements, and – for me, at least – was more difficult than creating the product itself.

John’s training, as always, was thorough and aimed entirely at the beginner. Indeed, three of the days are dedicated entirely to learning the intricacies of writing sales copy.

As John confirms, it is worthwhile taking a lot of time over producing your sales page. Not only should you continue to explore the full capabilities of the OptimizePress plugin (or whichever page builder you are using), but you need to experiment with different colours, layouts and words until you are entirely happy.

I have been spending four weeks creating my two sales pages (one for my front-end product, the other for my back-end). While the basic material is there, I am still not finished, as I now need to source bonus products to offer alongside my main products, in addition to testimonials (an important element of any sales page). So be prepared to take your time.

The only slight grumbles I have about the training is that John specifies the need for a proof element – in other words something that demonstrates either that the product does what it says it will do or that the vendor has, in the past, made a lot of money from doing whatever method the product teaches.

In either case, this is an odd point at which to introduce this necessity in a course that is aimed at people with little to no sales history, no experience in building a customer list, and no experience in driving traffic to a website – i.e. no experience in anything that their product is likely to do.

Granted, offering a product with private label rights is one way to ameliorate this issue (and as a professional content creator, I am able to point to my work record as proof that I create high quality content). This, however, was suggested to me only through a support call.

Instead, I would have said that the need for a proof element should have been introduced more clearly in the course itself, right before product creation, so you know for sure that you must produce something that you will be able to back up with at least some kind of proof.

The other slight issue was the way in which the inclusion of elements such as legal pages (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy) was dealt with very quickly. Earlier in the course, a whole day was given over to ensuring that the blog you create (which, for me, is this one you are reading right now) is legally compliant. It seems odd to me to not devote the same attention to legal requirements for a sales page – especially for an element as critical as the earnings disclaimer. Instead, all we see is John copying and pasting links to previous versions of the pages he has created elsewhere.

Those points aside, however, it’s worth reiterating: take your time to do this properly, and seek opinions from both John, Randy and others in the Partnership to Success program to see if you can make improvements.

Remember that even though, to you, your page may look beautiful and brilliant, it may fail to resonate with your target audience.

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