The super-affiliates don't want you to read this - but I just have to tell you the truth. If you've been struggling with affiliate marketing then you need to read this report.

Day Thirteen may be unlucky for some – but not for Partnership to Success students!

Carrying on from Day Twelve, John shows us today how to further refine our niche selection ideas by introducing us to three, big affiliate marketplaces:

On each of these sites you can find dozens and dozens of products for sale in every available niche, giving you almost endless food for thought. In fact, everything about today’s training can be a little overwhelming!

Fortunately, one fantastic offer with Partnership to Success is that you can book a free, thirty-minute, online consultancy in order to discuss your niche and product selections. In fact, John encourages you to do so, making sure that you don’t set off on creating a totally unmarketable product in a hopeless niche!

My advice: do not skip this step in eagerness to get going with product creation! I assure you that discussing your ideas face to face with expert marketers is an opportunity not to be missed.

So what, you might ask, did I end up choosing as my niche?

Well, after sifting through the array of products in the marketplaces – together with an extremely helpful call with P2S mentor Randy Smith – I think I may have found the one for me: email marketing.

Why, I hear you say, did I pick email marketing? Well, as I explained to Randy, I managed to deduce some clear reasons for my choice:

  • As a professional, freelance writer, I want to do something involved with writing.
  • I have a clear perception of how I can add significant value for people. I’ve heard from multiple sources that their email list is their most prized possession; further, in contrast to some other areas, I have an intuitive grasp of why this is so, and that effectiveness will be demonstrable with measurable results.
  • It’s something I want to master for my own marketing. In fact, my aim in all of this is to build relationships with subscribers who see me as a trusted authority!
  • It’s reasonably future-proofed and less susceptible to the vagaries of any one, big provider (in contrast to the dominance of social media by a handful of big firms).
  • Given that you need to first get people onto the list before then marketing to the list, there is a lot of interaction with other niches, so future product opportunities could be abundant: “traffic for list building”, “building your list from social media” “landing pages for list building”, “lead magnets for lists”, “copywriting for emails”, “marketing products to your subscribers”, etc.
  • There is a decent number of popular products in the area. It certainly isn’t the most popular niche, but it has enough to be getting on with.
  • Products could be adapted for “traditional” businesses with a website.

I tell you, it felt really good by the end of today to have settled on a clear, concrete direction for my online marketing business!

Check back with me soon to see how I get on in developing some ideas for a product in this exciting niche.

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