Dollar signs may light up in your eyes when you hear the subject of today’s training: monetizing your blog!

However, before you get too excited, no one knows that my blog even exists at this time. So no early retirement just yet!

All we are doing is laying some groundwork by adding referral and affiliate links to the blog. John shows you how to do from both text and images.

Eventually, should any of my future visitors click through and make a purchase, I will benefit from a commission payment.

As part of the day’s training John also introduces us to Clickbank – a marketplace that is set to become very important later in the program.

A few important tips for today:

First, don’t go overboard with monetizing your blog. Your visitors will be coming for the information and expertise you can provide in your posts. They will not want to see umpteen banners and adverts plastered all over their screens.

If you look at this very page right now, you should see only a handful of linked images together with a few choice text links throughout the body of this blog post – nothing intrusive!

Second, you might wish to sign up also as an Amazon Associate (not mentioned in the training). Should you recommend or review any books, or otherwise link to any qualifying Amazon product, you can earn a commission if your visitor makes a purchase.

Finally, try to vary the precise image layout and content that John suggests for monetization. Remember that every other aspiring marketer in the Partnership to Success program is following the same set of instructions. You don’t want to create a carbon copy of everyone else’s blog.

Helpfully, John supplies you with links to the active blogs of other members, so you can look at them fairly easily.

Once you are more settled, I suggest you try making other simple changes also such as varying the color options and font settings. Think of that as your homework before you move on to the next day!

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