An Internet Marketer's Journal: June 22nd, 2024

The Ongoing Marketing Escapades of Duncan Whitmore

Just a relatively short journal entry for this week, as last week's ended up being rather long.

So this time, I will try not to take up too much of your weekend!

Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) Final Testing

Just a heads up that my friends, top marketers John Thornhill and Omar Martin, are entering the final round of testing for launching Phase 3 of Master Affiliate Profits (MAP).

This means you now only have a short while left to grab the one-time offer that will deliver you the maximum lifetime benefits of this groundbreaking platform.

This will also be your only opportunity to grab my special $2,000 bonus offer, which will be yours the moment you sign up.

And for those of you who have been smart enough to join MAP already, now is the time to be promoting MAP to your own followers and subscribers!

Remember, you can earn up to $566 per sale!

I Was Sent to Spam!

This week I had a big problem with an email I prepared - not for my own list, but for a client with whom I work.

Upon delivery of the email, the metrics reported a paltry open rate after the first few hours - a mere 9.2% compared to the 20%+ we've been getting previously.

Something seemed amiss, so I ran the email through an enhanced test with real mailboxes.

While Gmail delivered the newsletter, some other email providers - including Outlook - sent the newsletter to spam.

If this happened on the live delivery, then anything between 20% and 50% of recipients most likely never saw the newsletter in their inbox.

Trying to hit the inbox can be a major source of frustration for email marketers. Yet it is also a subject tainted by both myth and mystery.

One popular misconception is that, so long as you avoid "spammy" words such as "free" or "bonus", you shouldn't be caught by the spam filter.

Well, I, and countless other marketers, use the words "free" and "bonus" in emails all of the time. And I typically achieve a 30%-70% open rate with my emails, which would be impossible if those emails were routinely being sent to spam.

Moreover, the list of "potential" spam words ends up being awfully long. Eliminating every one of them would leave your emails with no text at all!

The reality is that a combination of factors is likely to be responsible.

Yes, the content will be important, but so too will other aspects, such as the age and reputation of the sender's mailbox.

A well-established sender will have no problem sending "spammy" promotional emails to thousands of recipients who have already been opening that sender's emails for months or years.

But if a newbie tries to do the same thing from a domain they set up yesterday, then this will raise eyebrows.

As such, there are far too many variables for me to cover here.

However, if you are reliant on email marketing - which, as an online marketer, you should be - then the following article is one of the most detailed resources available on how you can avoid the dreaded spam filter:

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Affiliate Marketing Done For You

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"Affiliate Marketing DONE FOR YOU"

The Master Affiliate Profits Course Contents






The Master Affiliate Profits Course Contents

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