The super-affiliates don't want you to read this - but I just have to tell you the truth. If you've been struggling with affiliate marketing then you need to read this report.

Say you wish to make $500 worth of commissions. Which route do you think is easier?

  • Finding 100 customers to buy a product offering $5 commission? Or
  • Finding just one customer to buy a product offering a commission of $500?

Today, we will explain why it’s crucial for you to avoid the mistake of settling for low commissions. We will then move onto exploring some suggestions that will help you choose the right products to maximize your affiliate earnings.

The Temptation of Low Commission Products

When starting out as a new affiliate, it’s natural for you to be drawn towards products that ‘seem’ easy to sell – which often means choosing cheaper products that pay lower commission rates. However, sticking to these kinds of product can hinder your success in the long run.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to generate as much income as possible. Settling, on a persistent basis, for small commissions will only limit the long term growth of your business.

Aim for Higher Commission Rates

To maximize your affiliate earnings, you should focus on promoting products that offer higher commission rates (i.e. 50%+). The bigger your share of the pie, the more you take home.

High commission rates are likely to be rare when promoting physical products which have to be manufactured and delivered. However, it is not unusual to find commission rates of 50%-100% in the digital products space.

Find High Ticket Offers

Whatever the rate of commission, the simplest way to increase your commissions is to promote more expensive products. 20% of $1,000 is much higher than 20% of $10, right?

So start by looking for affiliate programs in your niche that offer high ticket products. Aim for offers that align with the needs of your audience, and have a track record of high conversions and achieving high earnings-per-click (EPCs).

This way you will maximize the return on your efforts.

Consider Lifetime Commissions and Upsells

One of the best ways of increasing your commission income is to look for lifetime commissions or upsells.

Lifetime commissions mean that a vendor will pay you not only for the initial sale you refer, but for all future purchases made by that customer. This will furnish you with a passive income stream.

High ticket upsells, meanwhile, offer opportunities to earn higher commissions as customers either upgrade or purchase additional products.

Finally, promoting memberships or a subscription service – where a customer must pay a recurring fee – will mean you can collect regular commissions, month after month, or year after year.

Remember Product Quality

While commissions are crucial, you should never compromise on the quality and value of the products you promote. Even if the commissions look attractive, in the long run promoting low-quality or irrelevant products will do nothing more than destroy your reputation, driving away your audience.

Don’t forget that building trust with your audience is essential for long-term success – in fact, it is the key to your entire affiliate operation. So always select products that are genuinely helpful for the people whom you want to attract.


As a new, struggling or even experienced affiliate marketer, avoiding the mistake of settling for low commission products is critical for the success of your business.

So to achieve significant boosts to your earnings, make sure you aim for high ticket offers, higher commission rates, lifetime commissions and upsells, plus recurring memberships or subscriptions.

This way, you’ll be working smarter rather than harder, achieving a much bigger outcome for the same degree of effort.

So waste no time in seizing the opportunities that high commission products can bring to your affiliate marketing business!

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