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The affiliate marketing space is a great way for new marketers to establish an online business. After all, there are no products to create, no invoicing and payments to handle, no customers queries to deal with. Just refer a customer to a vendor and you get paid! 

Simple, right?

Unfortunately, such simplicity attracts a plethora of unscrupulous and unserious marketers looking for a "quick buck". Given that such unsavory characters will nearly always resort to employing unethical promotional tactics - such as sending spam email - serious damage can result to the reputation of vendors whose products are caught up in such promotions.

To protect themselves from this outcome, many vendors prefer to approve affiliates before the latter can promote their products. Generally, only affiliates with an established history of sending quality traffic to product sales pages are successful. If you cannot gain approval then you simply don't get an affiliate link.

As a product vendor I am no exception to this rule. I do, however, understand how gaining approval can prove extremely frustrating to the new, but serious affiliate marketer who is trying to get a foot in the door. 

Indeed, the whole circus can seem like a catch-22: you can't promote products until you gain approval, and yet you can't gain approval until you've promoted products.

So let's break the vicious circle!

If you are still reading then chances are that you are one of those aspiring affiliate marketers who is struggling to gain approval to promote products. And I, for one, think that honest marketers like you should not be penalized simply because you are new and inexperienced.

That's why I am giving you the opportunity to connect with me before you seek approval so you can explain, according to the steps I lay out below, how you intend to promote my product.


Full Approval

If I agree, you will receive full approval to promote my product during the launch period and beyond - plus you will get the same commissions as everyone else!

My Help

As with any other affiliate, I will help review your plans to promote my product, offering tips, suggestions and revisions to help you build a stunning campaign.


During the launch, I will publicize the names of the TOP THREE performing Rising Talent affiliates in each of my daily updates - even if they have made only a few sales.



Lay Your Groundwork

You must have laid the groundwork for your affiliate marketing business. This can be either a website, a blog, a social media account, a YouTube channel, an email list - anything through which you can encourage visitors to follow your affiliate links. 

Don't worry if you have only a few subscribers, followers or visitors - all we need is the foundation.

I would also like to see that you've made some prior, regular attempts either at creating original content and/or promoting products through honest, ethical channels - i.e. no spamming or plagiarized content. So if you have a blog, you must have published recent, original blog posts; if you have a YouTube channel you must have uploaded some recent videos; etc.

This will tell me that you are serious about affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, if you don't have any of these things then I won't be able to approve your for promotion right now. There isn't time between today and the launch date for you to get the basics done.


Confirm Your Niche

Your chosen medium must be targeting potential customers who are likely to be interested in my product/s. That means you must be publishing in the internet marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing or PLR niches. 

If, however, your blog or website focuses on an irrelevant niche such as golf or losing weight, then please do not apply. You are not going to make any sales of my product/s to your audience. 


Have a Plan

Please prepare some ideas you have for promoting my product through whichever medium you are trying to establish yourself as an affiliate marketer. 

These ideas don't have to be perfect - we can work on them. But we need a starting point, so I'd like you to give some thought as to how you can appeal to your audience.


Send me a message

Please click on the button below. This will open up a window to submit a message to me through my dedicated JV helpdesk.

In your message, please include all of the details requested in steps 1, 2 and 3 above, including links to any relevant blogs, websites, social media accounts, etc.

Once you have submitted, you will be issued with a call reference number to track your application. I aim to respond to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) with a decision as to whether I can approve you for promotion.

Your Questions Answered

Will you give me more help if I am approved?

I promise to give you as much help as I can if you reach out to me. Unfortunately, my time is limited, and - on top of ensuring that everything is ready for the launch - I have to serve all of my partners. But you have my word that I will give you no less attention than any other affiliate.

You can also subscribe to my free Affiliate Promo Tips and Training.

How do I apply?

Please read the instructions in the section above these FAQs, and then click on the yellow button to complete and submit an application.

I have already been rejected for a standard affiliate approval. Can I still apply through this page?

Yes - that's what this page is for!

I'm not ready to promote yet but I really want to get started in affiliate marketing. What should I do?

Sign up for an account at Master Affiliate Profits (MAP)*. There they have a generous amount of training and resources at your disposal from some of the world's top internet marketers.

You can also check out my blog where I post a free, daily article on an affiliate marketing topic, or subscribe to my free affiliate promo tips and training series.

How do I launch my own products?

Everything you need to know is in this free training webinar*. I promise you won't regret the time you invest in absorbing this knowledge!

*Disclosure: I may earn commissions if you make purchases through these links.

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